final preparations

Where oh where is my pledge wax so I can finish in getting my sewing table ready?

Also, on a lunchtime of feeling adult, I called and made an appointment for a physical with a new doctor and thanked the phone person for being so helpful and making the whole thing pleasurable. Yes, that’s right, I want to try one of your newest doctors. She even set me up for pre-appt blood tests. And said she’d get me a refill! Cool.

I also called the post office that accidentally sold me first class stamps rather than the postcard stamps. And look at these cool global postcard stamps!

OK, Ready, Steady, Go

I finished pinning. I fiddled around with possible aides de quilting. I rummaged around with my bobbins, emptying some and moving others. Realized that I’d accumulated a sizeable number of bobbins but it is never really enough.

I layered a goodly sized warm up and practice piece. This gets used for that and also for after machine cleaning or if there’s a tension/balance question. I doodled around on this for quite awhile with a few different color threads. This always makes me think that I should try a whole cloth quilt but I never do. That’s ok. I’m ready to start.