Quilting Update

At the risk of hubris, I am going to report on this push to finish my current quilt top.

A couple of seams to sew the last three strips to the last chunk and then a handful of seams to sew the chunks together. Ironing will ensue.

I’m listening to the unabridged Audible version of The Fellowship of the Ring. There are parts of quilting process where audio books work and parts where they don’t and long repetitive piecing is definitely a space for a good story. Ah, Lothlorien!

Grazed a pin last night while sewing and stopped to clean the machine and change the needle so all will be good to go today.

A source of pleasure for me in this part of the process is when all the edges become tidy. In my mind I can imagine what all those jittery pieces will look like sewn together but it’s nice to see it become that way. And I am quite pleased to open up a newly-sewn seam and see all the seams and points and whatever falling exactly where they should. I am sewing this carefully and that helps. I have unsewn some places but have only had to do that when a seam got caught flapped the wrong way.

Hope I don’t regret this report later today… knocking on wood! OK coffee and then sewing!


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