Saturday Night into Sunday

On the way home from work, I did what I laughingly called “binge grocery shopping”. You would have thought I hadn’t eaten in weeks for all the goodies in my cart – vegetables and fruits, meat, bread. I could barely fit it in the frig! Oh yeah, some limeade and lemons and limes and that called for replacing my bottle of rum. All because a co-worker had given me a beautiful bag of fresh mint.

I took this bounty and made a simple syrup 2 parts water to one sugar. When it started to simmer I threw in all the mint and let it steep awhile. I strained it and then… I poured it into two ice cube trays and froze it! At least, I hoped it would freeze. Tonight when I looked in the freezer they were indeed frozen but softer of course than regular ice cubes.

I am pleased to report that a couple of those in the glass with the rest of the ingredients and some normal cubes made a quite tasty mojito.

After dinner and my beverage I got down to working on the work in progress,


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