Setting Goals

Last night when I got to the rather arbitrary point I’d had set as a goal, I stood up.

I laughed at myself as I stood up because it was obvious I should have stood up earlier. It wasn’t like I’d not been standing and walking around the rest of the day. But, no denying, I did a lot of:

  1. sew one piece to another, keeping an eye on order
  2. repeat until whole set is done
  3. cut apart thread connecting the pieces
  4. iron the seams open
  5. check order of pieces as they get stacked back up

Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

Later in the evening there was a “stare at the design wall briefly and decide how to proceed with next round of sewing. I went with: take it all down, pinning each of the hunks of stuff to the next so it could be removed and kept in order. That took a little doing but I was standing and stepping up and down while that was going on.

I sewed about one-third of the next step, hit my “maybe I can get to this point” point and realized I was ready to do anything other than sit! So, to be continued.


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