Thursday? Already?

Came home to a package from B&H – shouldn’t have put this off so long. Got a quick release head for the monopod that lives in my trunk but it turns out it might live on the small (as in desktop or car-roof size) tripod that lives there instead. Why? because I have a mount for my iPhone that will mount on one of quick release plates I got! And the other plate will stay attached to my Lumix. That way it can all zip and out of that and my big tripod. Talk about simplifying my life! Love quick-release!

In other news, had a good first critique session with two writing pals. They were full of comments and questions and suggestions and encouragement. I had a good time looking at my stuff and their stuff with them, talking over alternatives, word choices – all that stuff. Now I’m going to sew for a little while and then look at the written comments tomorrow after I’ve had some time to smile over the whole thing.

I work a lot by myself and the flip side of that is being able to enjoy sharing my work with others, and seeing how others react and interact with what I put out there. Makes it all worthwhile and keeps me going forward.

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