Day 25, NaPoWriMo

The prompt at was to pick a line from another poem and use that as a starter. Took a little rummaging to get outside something I would work too directly. So, how about a little Dr. Suess?

…never mix up your right foot with your left
all the simple things we have given names:
the birds, the dogs, the cats and the children
these are more generic, it’s true enough
but then if you can’t recall if that is
a red-winged blackbird or eastern towhee
you can say with great enthusiasm:
Look! It’s a bird! Up there! Look, right there!
Everyone will sight along your finger
and someone will say, ‘oh, that’s a grosbeak,
rose-breasted not pine. they’re early this year.’
And everyone else will nod and take note
thinking, I’d no idea what that was but
it’s not a dog, a cat or my left foot.


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