Day 24, NaPoWriMo

I’ve been wondering how to approach older forms of poetry where the lines are broken and yet connected, both to express the thought and ease oral telling. In my end-of-April-mind I offer you a bit of fractured poetic form, can you figure it out? Because the formatting would be impossible to assure over various methods of viewing I mushed the words into a PDF and hence to a JPG. You’re welcome.

I will put another view of this in the comments.


One Response

  1. A Sunday like this all ordinary
    the age of revolution upon us
    in the Irish streets men and women joined
    hearing freedom’s call and giving their all
    kenning the heart’s reason holding tight
    the pride of the land the ancient stirring
    what then is this land they rebirthed from old
    long told by song and written and by art
    mystic and modern turned to a new day
    with sirens’ beauty revolution’s call
    workers of the world unite flung over
    the city’s poorest held by tenements
    Even sunlight sparks the waiting tinder
    lighting the trenches of revolution.

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