Day 22, NaPoWriMo – Earth Day

The time has arrived after blue sky days –
Morning rain pushes into yellow earth
and soaking there in the April coolness
pulls out new green from ground and every limb.
There, in the field rolling down to the west,
inky splotches that turn into turkeys.
The biggest, tail splayed to impress the hens
the rest hanging out waiting for romance.
Behind them in the hedgerows bursting out white
an unnamed tree of yearly glory blown
just now not an anonymous green hiding
they soften the hills and edges of spring
the world has bided for its wakening
and now is brought from its knees to dancing.

I did see those black splotches aka turkeys this morning. Normally I see them alongside the road trying to act cool like buzzards. Today was party day though in the field surrounded by what are probably wild cherries in fresh flowering.


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