Day 19, NaPoWriMo

I was without an idea today at lunch and tonight when I got home so I took a swing at the suggested prompt from website:

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write the latter kind of “how to” poem – a didactic poem that focuses on a practical skill. Hopefully, you’ll be able to weave the concrete details of the action into a compelling verse. Also, your “practical” skill could be somewhat mythological, imaginary, or funny, like “How to Capture a Mermaid” or “How to Get Your Teenager to Take Out the Garbage When He Is Supposed To.” Happy writing!

It was a tonic and lime sort of night, what can I say? This is what came out.

Recovering from a really bad day,
As in, from a really bad day at work:
Smile blankly most of the day and be cheery
like no one you could stand to be right now
Do your job. Do it so well you feel good
about it even though you hate it all.
Listen so carefully that you’re intense.
Ask thoughtful questions. Soak in the answers.
Later you’ll put ice in a glass and then
measure gin, fill with tonic, squeeze a lime.
Sit down and watch an old M*A*S*H show and let
the tears flow at the very sad ending.
Do the stuff that really matters to you.
Rinse and repeat and repeat and… repeat.


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