News That’s Silly Dept.

Before I went to New Zealand last year I had gotten a new camera and I decided to get two extra batteries for it, rather than my one spare. Hey, I correctly predicted that I would be taking a LOT of photos. Worked out great. One in camera, one in my pocket or purse and one with the camera bag. At night I could charge one or two as needed and still have a fresh one.

I pulled out the camera the other day and the battery was in the red so I pulled the one from the camera bag and put it in, putting the tired one in my pocket. Bring it inside and put it on the charger. Look in my purse, sure enough there’s the other one. But where’s the third, I ask myself. Look in the camera bag – oh, that one’s charging. One in the purse…

You can see where this is going. Spent a couple days wondering where the heck the third battery had gone to.

Yup. You called it – it was in the camera, all along.

Hey, it happens.


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