Happy Day One – NaPoWriMo

Yup, April First, the land of fly-offering trout fishermen and poets. I have been listening to the Yale course on Modern Poetry and enjoying the odd mix of mostly American poets who converged on London and published their works while hanging out together. I left the radio and iPhone off this morning, hoping to think of a poem’s start on the drive in. Nothing really came to mind or stuck so I ended up reciting the Frost poems that I have, mostly, by heart. So here’s my first NaPoWriMo offering for April, likely to be revised later or later on:

This morning’s drive, spent with Frost and meter,
the miles passing with changes of season:
winter, dark and seductive and stealth,
sneaking in with quiet telltale whisper
tales of trees and boys and earthly loving
living in a world of storm and wisdom
knowledge scraped up from hard pan New England
the land rocky, hills greening with the spring
returning, returning like a love lost
and met again by chance at a corner
where life and history meet every day.


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