I am sitting in a waiting room, waiting for an oil change for my car. That’s the sort of dreams that waiting rooms are made of right? Thought I was off tomorrow too, but no. Still have to figure out how that happened. Guess it’s better to show up as expected. Or I could stay home as *I* expected, but I have mentioned this change to too many people I guess.

So I’m doing the adult thing, getting the oil changed. Sitting in the waiting room adding words to my NaNoWriMo story. Am trying to figure out how obvious a recent change for my main guy Matt should be. It was a big change and will get bigger but should others be able to notice it? He’s trying to minimize it himself, but maybe he doesn’t want to recognize the size of it yet himself.

So while we wait, he’s having dinner with his family.

After the car’s ready I think I’ll pick up a few things from the grocery store to go with the veggies at home. Turnips, potatoes, green beans, corn, crimini mushrooms and strawberries… Yeah something to go with those things!


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