Welcome to Orientation::Quilter v.2

This is my first post via WordPress.  So far it’s been really easy to set up, import my blogroll links and choose a “look”.  I’ll have to mess with this more, but that’s it for now.

Big news for tonight:  I took advantage of the really hot weather to defrost the freezer!  Now I have lots of stuff in my freezer, including a lot of ice and a whole lot less frost. Not a bad job on a hot night.

Lately it’s been so hot that when I grocery shop, if I’ve purchased any meat or frozen stuff, I buy a bag of ice, throw it all in the cooler that pretty much lives in my trunk and bring it home.  It arrives nice and cold.  THis time of year the ice is a bonus since I do have that new ice crusher, eh?

The rest of the year the cooler helps keeps things from freezing.  All balances out in the end I suppose.


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